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We are in touch with dozens of retailers and restaurant operators. We know what annoyance the EET is for them. In our professional practice, we have implemented the EET practically in all European fiscal countries. We know how to easily implement EET and mitigate the problems that EET brings. In addition, you will discover the benefits of using new technologies in your business.

We connect the best solutions

We participate in the parts of the solution ourselves, these solutions are the realisation of our ideas. The others are the solutions that we found on the market; we created a partnership with the supplier and "packed" everything into a meaningful whole.

Simple installation

All of our solutions are built on cloud and web technologies. You can try everything and if you are satisfied, you can buy them on the site and customize them yourself. There is no lengthy implementation.

Solutions automation

We have more than twenty-five years of experience in automation of retail and wholesale. This fact, in synergy with passion for new technologies, allows us to offer completely original and modern solutions.


We understand your needs

We can understand your process requirements and "convert it into IT speech". We can design solutions that suit you. We know that computers and software should make your life easier and not complicated.

Complex solutions

We solve things in a comprehensive way and think about every detail of your work. Primarily, we deliver software solutions, but we will also recommend you a suitable hardware supplier, or we can deliver it to you.

We guarantee the entire delivery

If we offer you and sell a product or service, then only if it works as a whole. We know that clients hate the excuses of suppliers. Therefore, we will not offer the wrong product or service.


Sunseed Development s.r.o. is a team that offers a mix of education, experience and enthusiasm for new technologies and truly practical innovation, especially in mobile, WEB and cloud, process, business and industrial applications. The founders of the company have worked together for a long time in a software company whose software, now under the Diebold Nixdorf (Wincor-Nixdorf) brand, runs on thousands of endpoints in many European countries.

Your web

We will design and develop websites that you can easily customize and complete yourself. Your e-shop is automatically included in website. It is offered as a monthly flat rate.

Stand for tablet

A specialised tablet holder for shop and restaurant, designed specifically for your needs by professional designers.

Consulation activity

We will be happy to advise you on how to orient yourself in the world of increasingly modern technologies and how to use them in your shop.


MPOS Retail

Mobile cash register for your shop and restaurant including the WEB portal with data and reports. It is offered as a monthly flat rate.

E-shop for MPOS Retail

E-Shop, which is automatically linked to your cash register. Data and reports from both the shop and the e-shop are in one place. It is offered as a monthly flat rate.

Mobile marketing

A special marketing mobile app that will bring you and your offer closer to your clients. It is offered as a monthly flat rate.

(January 2017)

"We create new ideas."